Please Help Me Support Working Families

Dear Friends,

I have something to ask of you. As you know, right wing politics has taken a turn in recent years with right-wing funded organizations flooding small and local public elections with their candidates. An alarming number of these candidates are winning in unopposed elections or in races where the electorate is not paying attention. This is having a devastating effect on local and state governments and working people are increasingly finding stony hearts and ears in positions of power. Meanwhile, working people are increasingly caught up in fights for their very livelihood. This has got to end.

Here in Oregon, labor unions and organizations concerned for working families have banded together to create a Labor Candidate School designed to develop and empower a new generation of labor candidates at the local and state levels. I have joined this school and am working to do my part to create access for working people to the halls of power. This fledgling school needs your help and I would like to ask each of you to donate $10 to help it get established.

The Oregon Labor Candidate School:

2013-06-15 12.35.59Please consider your donation to the school a way of sponsoring my position. In the notes section of your PayPal donation, please mention that you are sponsoring Dominic Le Fave.


Alternatively, you can mail a check directly to OLCS, PO BOX 86161, Portland, OR 97286. Please mention me with your check as well.


Thank you so much for supporting me in helping to turn around this state and this country!


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