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Please Help Me Support Working Families

Dear Friends, I have something to ask of you. As you know, right wing politics has taken a turn in recent years with right-wing funded organizations flooding small and local public elections with their candidates. An alarming number of these candidates are winning in unopposed elections or in races where the electorate is not paying

Support Dominic Le Fave for Portland Association of Teachers Executive Board

Inspired to transform our union into a catalyst for community involvement and inspired by the successful teacher campaign in Chicago, I am proud to be a Social Equality Educators candidate for the PAT Executive Board.  We need a social justice union that is unafraid to fight for better schools and better communities, a union that

Rally To Save Education, Salem, Oregon, President’s Day, February 20, 2012–Mark Your Calendar!

Public education is imperiled by the opportunist narratives that surround the economic crisis. These corporate-backed narratives are false. The truth is there is plenty of money and corporations and financial institutions have never been more profitable nor had so much capital. They have also never been more powerful and this includes the power to both

Make a Donation to Help Our Local Special Education High School Students

Our high school special education students are on the verge of vocational greatness! These students, many of whom struggle with significant disabilities, passionately run a café that serves the school community. They have the unique pride and self-respect that comes with doing work that has both social capital and genuine, meaningful service to others. They

Help Improve The Nutrition of Local High School Students

  Nutritious foods can be more delicious and exciting than any junk food! That’s the message we want to teach high school students through our fantastic student-run cafe. Fruits, yogurt, even raw vegetables and greens make wonderful after-school refreshers when they are made into smoothies. The Life Skills program at our school has run a

not a puzzle

Today I attended an annual fundraising walk for Autism Speaks with one of my students and her family.  Autism Speaks is a national organization that funds research into causes and treatments of autism. The picture below shows protesters of the event. The protesters are from ASAN (Autistic Self-Advocacy Network), a group that opposes biomedical approaches to dealing

United Cerebral Palsy – Walk & Roll!

UPDATE: This walk was a tremendous success! There were over 700 participants and the pizza was great. The best thing about it was being able to try out some new wheelchairs with one of my students, including some speeders and the Quickie All Court–which is just fantastic! Walk, Roll ‘n’ Run 2010 Sat. Sept 11,