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Gallery: Chicago Transit Authority

With my camera strapped to my bag and set to automatically take a photo every minute, I rode the CTA in Chicago. Not realist, documentary, intentional, nor even recording experiential data, the camera has its own impressions and dreams which it brings to consciousness by making the artist responsible. check this out as a slideshow

Gallery: Social Stories

Social stories have three main purposes: to explain what is really going on among people, to point out the possibility of meaning, and to say exactly what needs to be said in a particular situation. How many times do we really grasp these? Often we come to articulate them after we have left, or when

Gallery: Seek Her Always

Seek Her always. This ongoing project uses a variety of photographic techniques to explore the permutations of Wisdom through the scriptures, the culture, and my own experience. My primary concern was to provide glimpses of some of the ways in which Wisdom shows Herself in everyday life. The titles are taken from the holy scriptures