Help Special Education Create New Entrepreneurship!

With dwindling budgets, program cuts, and dwindling opportunities for high school graduates with disabilities, we’re training kids to take control of their futures with entrepreneurial enterprises. Our students have big dreams for working in local businesses and even starting their own!

Bunn GrinderOur high school special education students are on the verge of vocational greatness! These students, who struggle with significant disabilities, passionately run a cafe that serves the school community. They have the unique pride and self-respect that comes with doing work that has both social capital and genuine, meaningful service to others. They want to be the best of the best. They operate a beautiful La Marzocco espresso machine that was donated to them. These students first pitched the project to the PTA and won a grant to fix up the espresso machine and install a 220v outlet in our classroom. Now they just need some retail equipment, display fixtures, and barista tools! This equipment is necessary to the quality of the products (fresh coffee and tea) and to the skills (catering, serving, etc.) that are needed to work in a cafe. These students are on the verge of having a cafe that matches any of the cafes in the Northwest. They just need your help.

My Project: Our students are working on expanding our retail sales with packaged coffees, gifts, catering, and cafe sales. They are even working on an online storefront. Their plan includes using a retail coffee grinder for coffee sales, display racks, and additional supplies for the cafe.

This equipment will allow our special education students to develop the skills that they long to develop. It will allow them to work in a way that mirrors real working environments in the community, to obtain their food handler’s card,and to experience operating a real-world business. These skills will serve as both a basis for employment and will help these students develop the self-esteem that only comes from doing genuinely meaningful work.

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