Our Special Education Class Needs Math Supports

   Imagine a one-room schoolhouse with kids at all levels and limited resources and supplies. That’s our classroom! Though all our students are all of high school age, their disabilities put them at dramatically different academic levels. We need books and materials to help differentiate the lessons.

Our students struggle with significant disabilities that have put them several grade-levels or more behind their peers. While I have designed wide-ranging specialized instruction and supports for our existing materials, the curriculum and books that we have are not adequate. We need books designed for the full range of skill-levels on which these students need to work. Please help our students get the curricular support that they need in math, science, and other subjects!

Our Project: Your donation will go toward some fantastic, ecological, low-tech communication boards that make classroom materials more effective, reusable, interactive, and accessible for students with a wide variety of disabilities. Along with these boards we’ll be purchasing a variety of math, communication, and science materials designed to be used in conjunction with our existing curriculum along with the communication boards. In effect, this group of materials with provide full access to the curriculum that we are using to many students who struggle to learn in these subjects. We will be removing barriers to learning–the most effective thing any educator can do! Please, help my students get lots of practice in math with materials that are targeted to their developmental needs.

Our students with special needs benefit not only from special instruction, but from special books and materials that are designed specifically for their academic needs. With both appropriate teaching and curriculum, these students will excel and make real, life-changing gains that will benefit them in every situation. Please help these students reach their potential.

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