Please Help Support Our School-Based Business for Kids with Special Needs At Wilson High School

Imagine having a significant disability, graduating from high school with a modified diploma, and hitting the job market. It’s already hard for people with regular diplomas, good job experience, and glowing recommendations from businesses. We’re out to give students with disabilities a chance!

Our special education students run a cafe that delivers top-quality espresso drinks to the teachers, custodians, secretaries, lunchroom staff, and other educational staff in our large urban high school. The cafe also serves students after school. The program prepares young men and women with moderate and severe disabilities (e.g., Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays) to work in community jobs so that they can support themselves as adults and become productive and involved members of our community. Our graduates have gone on to internships and jobs in the community, improving our economy and enriching our civic culture. Additionally, the student staff of the cafe and the social group Circle of Friends run after-school cafe events that offer a venue for student artists and performers to connect with their audience: all the students, with disabilities and without. It’s a great scene and it has an enormous impact on the whole school community.

This week only, your contribution will be doubled when you enter the matching grant code “INSPIRE” when you make your contribution.  Please make a contribution today!

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